At GPS, we also provide our 'Web Hosting services to all of our clients. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website available on the internet. All websites, consists of numerous amounts of files; which require, a hosting service, in order to store them so that they can be viewed securely, online.

Each file is then uploaded onto our server, and we then point each web address the correct allocated files. Within this particular service, it guarantees full data security management and maintenance to each of our clients.

Free personalised email addresses

In business, maintaining a professional image is important for establishing trust with a customer. By, routing your email address through your business's domain name, it adds that extra level of reassurance for your customer, demonstrating professionalism and competency.

Instead of using an email address, with a public domain name such as:

[email protected], our professional team will guide each client in the process of setting up a personalised email address for your business that also incorporates their company’s domain name. An example of this is: [email protected]

Also, to compliment a fully customised email address, we can also provide a personalised email signature. Email signatures are the perfect opportunity for clients to brand every message that they send. It is the equivalent of sending a business card, digitally. At GPS, we can produce a tailored email signature, which reinforces each company’s brand, providing a way for both customers and businesses to remain connected.

SSL Certificates

At GPS, we also provide our clients with SSL certificates, as they are crucial to a website’s success! By definition, SSL certificates help to prove the ownership of public keys. Having said this, a public key is simply a large numerical value that is used to encrypt data. This is so important, as data encryption, will allow for information to be both sent and received without interference from external parties.

This means, all of our clients can have a complete piece of mind, that their sensitive information can remain protected. At GPS, we make it our point of duty, to ensure that all of our clients are fully protected. It is also known for Google to prioritise websites which holds an SSL certificate; increasing, their search engine rankings and increasing visibility. This is particularly helpful for increasing a company’s SEO profile.

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